Images from the Warehouse Tech exhibition in L3 Gallery


Antti Granqvist: Pointless Media





Georgia Panagiotidou: Keystrokes





Hanne Aho & Salla Salin: Shadowplay





Jenni Kokkomäki: Four Variations To The Theme Song





Kaarlo Kajalainen: Fugly





Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka: It’s Not Just In Your Head





Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka: It’s Not Just In Your Head







Lassi Haaranen: Amplification





Paula Lehtonen: Full of Nothing





Warehouse Tech in the L3 Gallery




Warehouse Tech in the L3 Gallery





Warehouse Tech in the L3 Gallery



© Images: Paula Lehtonen

Art and Technology studies in the academic year 2013-14

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The MA level study module Art and Technology, which was kicked off the present academic year will continue in the academic year 2013-14. It brings media art and electronic art as independent subjects to the curriculum of the university. It’s also an example of new multi-disciplinary collaboration that is made possible by Aalto.

The study module combines media artistic thinking and practice with the aesthetic and philosophical foundations of the field. Students are encouraged to cross over boundaries between technology, art and design.

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Aalto University Art & Tech students’ media art exhibition Warehouse Tech opens 14.5.2013

When: May 15-29, 2013.
The opening of the exhibition is on Tues May 14th at 18. Welcome!

Where: L3 Gallery, Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Jätkäsaari (tram 9)
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12-18

The pilot programme Art & Technology that started in fall 2012 brings together a group of talented students from within Aalto University to test their skills and experiment in the multidisciplinary field of media art, combining technology, art and design. The result of this experiment will be showcased in the Warehouse Tech exhibition that presents media and electronic art over two weeks in L3 Gallery, in Jätkäsaari.

The emphasis of the Art and Tehcnology pilot programme is on interactive artworks that are either spatial, embodied, or mobile. Some themes are interactive installations, experimental user interfaces, wearable electronics and ubiquitous technology. The programme combines media thinking and practice with the aesthetic and philosophical foundations of visual arts. Students are encouraged to cross boundaries between art, technology, and design.

A wide variety of working methods have been used, such as a study of ‘fugly’ phenomena on the Internet, and the recording of personal everyday data, to EEG brain scans controlling non-newtonian liquids. The exhibition is sure to bring surprise and delight to all visitors!

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Media art exhibition “Altered States” opens on Monday 14th January

A mid-term exhibition by students from the Art & Tech minor programme Media Art Installation course (led by artist & doctoral candidate Andy Best)

Department of Art’s 5th floor gallery, Hämeentie 135C (Aalto ARTS, Arabia campus)
Exhibition opening Monday 14th January 16.00 – 17.00 followed by artists’ discussion and presentation of works (17.00 – 19.00)

Exhibition runs daily during normal university opening hours from 15th until 25th January 2013


The works:

Paula Lehtonen
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka

Lecturer’s break room is an emancipatory interactive wind installation. The installation comments on the increased bureaucracy in the newly formed Aalto University and let’s you play with day-to-day overload of paper pollution.

The installation takes place in soon-to-become, glass-walled  teachers’ workroom on the 5th floor. When a person passes by, he creates a gust of wind in the space sending the papers flying around.  One can also start to mess around with the mass of paper, that normally fills our desktops. The wind is created by small Kinect-controlled fans that cover the floor area, and loads of A4 Aalto forms spread on top of the fans.

Lassi Haaranen
Leo Holsti
Georgia Panagiotidou
Juan Duarte Regino

“Show me / Data Smog” includes an endless stream of information from different locations worldwide (we have chosen the four most popular news channels). Whether you are noticing it or not, the flow keeps on going. But what happens when you stop for a second to pay attention and you come closer to the facts and see the raw data? A cloud of smog covers the information you are trying to retrieve and it is not as comprehendible as you would have expected.

This fog (a visual filter) represents the content filters that are either applied on purpose by external parties or by our own internal barriers in processing the information accurately. This installation tries to raise the question of what is “real” from all information we gather and if it is even possible to process the content as intended.

* The term “Data Smog” is by David Shenk’s same titled book

Kaarlo Karjalainen
Tomi Dufva

The installation is a set of eight monochromatic pictures which describe a life of Seppo during eight different decades of his life. The pictures are 8x8cm in size and each picture has a different frame. In addition the pictures are covered with a film of black thermochromatic paint which turns transparent when heated (by e.g. touch).

Laura Aalto-Setälä
Antti Granqvist
Hanne Aho

A video sculpture installation.

For further information please contact:
Andy Best, (ÄT)
Leena Närekangas, Aalto Media Factory: leena.narekangas (ÄT)

Presentations of the Wearable II course

The results of the WEARABLE II –course are presented by students on Wednesday 12th December in a classroom 6099, 6th floor fashion/textile department.

The Wearables II has focused on realization of individual projects. Please, come to see 5 final projects of the course.

Public is welcome!!
Laura Beloff, Erich Berger & all the students

The results of the Wearable Technology I -course

The results are presented by students on Friday 26th October starting at 10 am in a classroom 6088, 6th floor fashion/textile department.

The main question of the course has been WHY?, which has been asked about the wide field of wearable technology. The question of WHY has been paralled with a question of HOW?; supporting the realization of the students’ ideas. The focus has been on the creative uses of wearable technology. The presented results are finalized and functioning projects, but still prototypes

Public is warmly welcomed!

You can also see the results on the blog held by the students:

Art & Technology fall term started with new students

The first course of Art & Technology minor studies; Wearable Technology I started a week ago. 15 students were chosen to attend the courses of multidisciplinary minor subject and execute their own media art installations during the academic year. Students will publish their blogs on this site as their work will proceed.