1st Assignment – Digital Signature

Deadline: Monday 30/9

Visualize your name and create a stylized “signature” from your name using Processing. You can use shapes, text, images, video, particles, animation or whatever you want to create the representation of your name.

Requirements: The sketch should somehow change when the letters of your first name are typed on the keyboard. The change can be to the shapes, colors, behavior etc. of the visualization

Feel free to get inspiration and even code snippets online:

You should work individually on this project.

2nd Assignment – Interactive Installation Prototype

Deadline: Thursday 7/11

Create a simple interactive installation. The work can use visuals, video, sound, animation, sculptural objects etc. Try to explore some of the tools and techniques we have covered during the course. Also try to think of the work and interaction on a more conceptual level, but don’t stress about that too much. This is very much still just exploration, experimentation and studying the media. You can also think of this assignment as a prototype for your final project

Requirements: Your work should somehow be interactive, either by using Arduino and some sensors we have covered, or by using some other way of interacting physically with objects or the space.

You should work individually on this project.

Final Project

Deadline: Thursday 12/12

The final project should be a functioning and finalized media art installation work that combines technology with art. Interactivity is not a requirement for the final project.

Requirements: TBA

Exhibition: It is very likely that the final projects will be on display as an exhibition at the Aalto Innovation House in Otaniemi. More about this later as some of the details are confirmed. The Innovation House has some interesting technology built in to the building itself and we will be exploring these possibilities during the course.

You can work individually or in a small group for the final project.