Project Plan: Alternate Reality Game

As my final project for Media Art Installation course, I am planning to create an alternate reality game. Originally, I was inspired by an ARG called Year Zero, which was created to promote the new Nine Inch Nails album with the same name.

The concept for the game is not yet completely clear, but I’ve got a few ideas already.

Target audience:
The target audience will be limited to people living and/or studying in Otaniemi. This way the hints and clues can also be designed with this in mind.

Selecting players:
The players will be selected more or less randomly by creating (laser-cutting?) a set of some kind of physical objects that are spread out in multiple places in Otaniemi for people to find. These objects are equipped with the first clue for the game, and they have a critical role in engaging the finders with the game.

Playing the game:
The game will consist of a set of hints and clues, one hint leading to the other. Various media will be involved in the game.

The materials and information created and gathered during the whole process will be collected and displayed in the exhibition.

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