Happy Ever After ­– media art exhibition at Kaapelitehdas in May 2014

Kaapelitehdas gets its HAPPY EVER AFTER in May. The opening event will be held on Friday May 16th at 17-20:00 and you are warmly welcome to join us at the Turbiinisali of Kaapelitehdas. Happy Ever After is a media art exhibition put together by the students of Art & Tech minor study programme of Aalto University. It will run on 17.-29.5.2014.

Being so lucky, that Ravintolapäivä is taking over Helsinki on Saturday May 17th, the students will have a special Ravintolapäivä event planned for the afternoon of the 17th. What a perfect way to enjoy the art exhibition, served with snacks!

As a space, Turbiinisali provides the opportunity for large installations in the intriguing environment of an old industrial space. The projects will include for example a video face mapping to a giant statue and an analogue visualization of the electronic signals that surround us.

The Art and Technology study programme, tutored this year by Andy Best and Matti Niinimäki, focuses on media art and especially electronic art. The emphasis is on interactive artworks that are spatial, embodied, or mobile.

The exhibition is open daily at 12-18:00. No admission fee.
Turbiinisali, Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki

The art pieces and student artists exhibiting at Happy Ever After:

A Fortune-telling bird is the first product of my thesis, which is called Supersti+tech Project. The idea of A Fortune- telling bird is originated from the traditional Chinese fortune-telling bird, which tells one’s fortune from a card randomly picked by the bird. In my project, the robotic bird gives an answer to participant’s question, which is actually linked to the real-time Twitter and randomly chosen based on computer coding.

Amulet-drawing Robot, the second product of Supersti+tech project, is a device creating the amulet paper. Amulet was believed to protect body from devil and bring good luck if you carry it at all times. Amulet paper derives from Chinese traditional superstition and was originally drawn with chicken blood on a yellow paper. In my project, Amulet-drawing Robot draws random patterns on a yellow paper after reading participant’s palm, which actually reads electrical resistance through each participant’s body and draws random patterns based on the data with computer programming.

Ghost Whispers is a sound installation that taps into the constant stream of Internet information. It prowls the matrix searching for catastrophes, death, famine, terror and the general misery of humankind. The fleeting moments of data are chimed out on furin bells, in order to ward off the evil spirits and mark the passing of an event. The work reminds us of the constant presence of the outside world and its myriad of interactions affecting millions of lives. Everyday tragedies that are as easily lost and forgotten as yesterday’s news.

The second study project of Mechanical Cartoon, exploring the possibility of comics in the space not on the page. This is also the experiment with the movement using linkage mechanism. By this, I tried to draw a sketch of the calm but dynamic city, Helsinki.

An invisible burst of electromagnetic waves constantly surrounds us. This hertzian space is at the same time beautiful and terrible, unknown, yet part of our daily life. Superficially it is meaningless noise, yet it carries meaning and emotion that fascinates and fixates the gaze.

This project maps cartoon images onto French macarons. This project contrasts the garish colours and forms of children’s’ cartoon and the notoriously fussy, but elegant, cookie. The taste for sugar and sweetness is wired into us at a very primal level, this project hopes to contrast the values we place on childish and primal desires with the values of social class and good taste.

Humans have forever been keen to erect statues for someone important. In case of revolution they’ve often been the first victims. Most human beings wish to, by their nature, become immortal. The monument gives the exhibition visitor the experience of 15 minutes of immortality. Their faces are projected on to a monument with neutral, androgynous characteristics. For a short moment, the exhibition space will turn into a temple of (your)self.

***LIABILITY WAIVER: The artist holds 80 shares of Nokia.***
“Teknokupla” brings back memories from the early 2000′s when ordinary people (cynically named as “tuulipuvut” by bankers and investors) queued for the shares of IT companies. Since then the value of the share of Nokia – our former national pride – has dropped from 65 e to the today’s about 6 e, which is anyway +90% within a year. My work refers to the possible stock market bubble as several market indexes have recently hit their records. The installation monitors the price of Nokia share by blowing the bubble when it lifts at Nasdaq OMX Helsinki. If the head remains quiet the market crash may have just begun…

Furniture can play role for communication with others and space. When people seat and swing their legs on the bench, this changes condition of surrounding. Also this movement suggests solution for relaxation.


For more information, please contact
Leena Närekangas
Tel. 050 342 7114

It begins! …Nightmare Before Christmas opens on Friday the 13th

Aalto students from the Art & Tech -minor study program present Nightmare Before Christmas at the Open Innovation House, Otaniemi. Works in the exhibition blend artistic creativity with technical skill, resulting in works that can fascinate and intrigue. You may come across King Kong or a fortune telling bird…or live “tweets” on human rights abuses! All the works question our usual notions of what and how technology is used in contemporary society. Come, participate and explore – if you dare!

Don’t miss the start of the Nightmare on Friday the 13th between 16:00-18:00. Refreshments available.

The exhibition spaces are open Monday 16th –  Friday 20th December from 8:30 -16:00.

Open Innovation House
Otaniementie 19-21
02150 Espoo

Update on Arduino Crash Course and Content Creation Course

Here is the timetable for technology students about arduino intensive course:

Arduino Crash Course      
Mon 23.9. at 10-16
Tues 24.9. at 10-16
Wed 25.9. at 14-16
Thurs 26.9. at 10-16
Fri 27.9. at 10-14
Mon 30.9. at 10-16
Tues 1.10. from 12->
2.-4.10. at 8-16
Fri 4.10

Please inform Vesa Kantola if the timetable is not suitable for you! Teaching is in Design Factory.

Sisällöntuotannon projektityö mainos / course in content creation T-111.5077
info in noppa = suomi / language can be also English if there is no native students.

The course is co-operation with HEUREKA science center and suits very well to A&T-students.

Interested students – contact me!
Vesa Kantola

Art and Technology minor subject will kick off Sept 9th

The first courses of Art & Technology minor studies will start on Monday Sept 9th with 10 new students with multidisciplinary backgrounds. The students will execute their own media art installations that will displayed during the academic year. Students will publish their blogs on this site as their work will proceed.